Field Lining Schedule

U9 and Above teams are responsible for lining the fields each week at Pea Patch. Below is the schedule for all fields. Note that some team may be required to line the field more than once in a season.

Things to remember when lining the fields:

  1. Your assigned Field must be lined Thursday or Friday evening before the Saturday scheduled game.
  2. Fields are lined with painters and paint found in the trailer at the Pea Patch.
  3. Take your time and make sure the lines are nice and clear.
  4. Please take all empty paint cans with you and put in garbage.
  5. DO NOT put out flags on Friday evening!

Mod Fields - Spring 2019

Game Date U9/U10 - Field #6 U9/U10 - Field #7 U9/U10 - Field #8
3/30 Art King Art King Art King
4/6 Cesar Sanchez Cesar Sanchez Cody Lynch
4/13 Jesus Shankar Jesus Shankar Darren Roxas
4/20 Dave Anderson Dave Anderson Dustin Stocco
4/27 Jeff Foerster Cesar Sanchez Jeff Foerster
5/4 Cody Lynch Jesus Shankar Cody Lynch
5/11 Darren Roxas Dave Anderson Darren Roxas
5/18 Dustin Stocco Cesar Sanchez Dustin Stocco
5/27 Jesus Shankar Jesus Shankar Jeff Foerster
6/1 Cody Lynch Dave Anderson Cody Lynch

If you team is the first or last game at Pea Patch you have some additional responsibilities.

First games in the morning responsibilities:

  1. Pult up flags for your field (found in the trailer)
  2. Unlock the Trailer
  3. Unlock the North gate

Last games in the morning repsonsibilities:

  1. Take down your field's flags and put them back in the trailer
  2. Lock the Trailer
  3. Lock the North gate