The total costs for Kent United are typically more than recreational soccer, but less than premier-level play. Team costs vary depending upon factors such as age/level of play, number of summer tournaments, uniform costs, team camps, post-season play & field rental fees. Aside from the standard KCYS registration fee of $220 to $274 (depending on the fall league chosen), the total fees typically range from $800-$1,200 per player for the entire season. Optional team fundraising and corporate donations can significantly reduce the per-player cost. Travel expenses are in addition.

KCYS registration fee covers fall league fees, league game fields, league game referees and insurance. Kent United teams have their budgets available online. Navigate to the TEAMS pulldown above to see each teams budgets.

Kent United has a scholarship program for partial or full registration fee, see Fee Waiver Policy and Fee Waiver Application.

Kent United provides a discount for a family that has three kids in the club. Kent United will pay for the registration fee of $110.00 and the $200.00 league fee, but the parents are responsible for the rest of the fees for the team.


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