U11/U12 Field Lining Schedule

U11 and U12 teams are responsible for lining field each week at Petrovitsky Park Field #1. Below is the schedule. Note that some team will be required to line the field more than once in a season.

Things to remember when lining the fields:

  1. Your assigned Field must be lined Friday evening from 8-9PM or before 8AM on Saturday.
    • While daylight is available you also may find the field is available between 5:15pm and 6:30pm
  2. Fields are lined with painters and paint found in the trailer at the Petrovitsky Park.
  3. Take your time and make sure the lines are nice and clear.
  4. Please take all empty paint cans with you and put in your garbage. DO NOT put empty can in the garbage at Petrovitsky Park.

Petrovitsky Soccer Fields - Fall 2018

Game Date U11/U12 Field
8/31 B08 Green King
9/8 G08 Green Hamell
9/15 G08 White Eller
9/22 B07 Green Morency
9/29 B07 White Soper
10/6 G07 Green Fleming
10/13 B08 Green King
10/20 G08 Green Hamell
10/27 G08 White Eller
11/3 B07 Green Morency
11/10 B07 White Soper
11/17 G07 Green Fleming
11/24 B08 Green King
12/1 G08 Green Hamell
12/8 G08 White Eller
12/15 B07 Green Morency
12/22 B07 White Soper
1/5/19 G07 Green Fleming
1/12/19 B08 Green King
1/19/19 G08 Green Hamell
2/2/19 G08 White Eller
2/9/19 B07 Green Morency
2/16/19 B07 White Soper
2/23/19 G07 Green Fleming

If you team is has a home game at Field #1 you have some additional responsibilities.

First games in the morning responsibilities:

  1. Pult up flags for your field (found in the trailer)
  2. Setup the 18' x 6.5' goals found in the blacktop area between the Field 1 and Field #2

Last games in the morning repsonsibilities:

  1. Take down your field's flags and put them back in the trailer
  2. Move the 18' x 6.5' goals are moved back to the blacktop area closest turf equipment
  3. Lock up the goals