Melanie Owings

Motivational Quotes

SUCCESS is no accident. It is hard work, perseverence, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all, LOVE OF WHAT YOU ARE DOING.

Good players practice until they get it right, great players practice until they never get it wrong.

Coaching Years of Experience: 11+

SGE Girls Head Coach 2007 thru 2010

CSC Girls Head Coach 2010 thru 2011

KYSA Assistant Coach 2011 thru 2012

KYSA Head Coach 2012 thru 2013

Kent United Girls Head Coach 2013 to 2016 G02 (White)

Kent United Girls Head Coach 2016 to Present G03 (Green)


NSCAA Level 2 & 1

National "E"

NSCAA Special Topics

National "D"

Playing Experience:

Youth thru Select 13 years

High School Varsity 4 years

Adult Woman (WSWSA), Soos Creek Coed, Starfire 20 years old - Current

Team Successes:

2014 Crossfire Select Champs G02 (White) Team

2014-2015 NPSL Division 2 Champs G02 (White) Team

2015 Kent Cornucopia Cup Champs G02 (White) Team

2015 River Jam Challenge 2nd Place G02 (White) Team

2016 Snohomish Invitational Champs G03 (Green) Team

2016 Crossfire Select Cup Champs G03 (Green) Team

2016 Starfire Xtreme Cup Champs G02 (White) Team

2016 Starfire Labor Cup Champs G03 (Green) Team

2015-2016 NPSL Division 3 Champs G02 (White) Team

2017 Mt Hood Challenge Champs G03 (Green) Team

2018 Mt Hood Challenge Champs G03 (Green) Team

Favorite Soccer Team

Club Player:

Best Coaching Memory

Coaching Philosophy

My philosophy of coaching involves three main objectives, which if all done well, should lead to successful season.

My first objective is communication. Every individual on the team must communicate with each other at all times. This includes the players as well as the coaches. During practices and games, I feel it is vital to know the thoughts of the entire team.

My second objective is determination. I will put in time before the game to put the team in a positive scenario and the players will carry that determination throughout the week and into games to ensure the team success.

My third and final objective is teamwork. If every member of the team works together and strives to do their best, at the end of the season, the team will be considered a success.

Player Expectations

4 A's (in order of importance)