Art King

Coaching Years of Experience: 7

2017 KCYS B07 Jaguars - Head Coach

2016 - 2017 Kent United B06 - Assistant Coach

2015 - 2016 United Academy - Head Coach

2011 - 2017 - KCYS Modified - Head coach for various teams


National "E"

Playing Experience:

Started off with AYSA when I was 4 and haven't stopped since. Had some amazing youth teams I played with. I played in high school. At Oregon State I decided to keep soccer casual and started a co-ed team that played in the intermural league.

After I graduated I played a few years on a corporate co-ed team in Seattle for a few years. After the boys were born I stopped playing and when my oldest turned 5 I turned to coaching.

Team Successes:

Fall 2017 SSUL U11 Division 4 Champion

Favorite Soccer Team

Sounders FC

Club Player:

DeAndre Yedlin

Best Coaching Memory

In the fall of 2017 I coached a U11 Rec team. We had a boy on the teams that was in palliative care. I made the decision not to tell the boys what was wrong with him and to treat him like the rest of the players. He usually played LB during the games. I directed my CBs to back him up like they would the mid-fielders and RB. I think it was the second game of the season where I noticed something about how the team was playing with him. This player couldn't quite keep up with the pace of the opposing players that came at him, sometimes forcing him out of position, but he was tracking the game. The whole team was backing him up. Nobody ever directed a negative comment towards his playing in the game or practice. They goofed around with him on the sidelines like all the other boys. They treated him like everyone else. I was awesome. Totally puts a smile on my face when I think about it.

Coaching Philosophy

Learning the game and having fun are the areas that I will focus on. I want to make sure they players have fun, enjoy the game, and look forward to the next practice and game. The players are still young and if they participate in the practices and soak in all the opportunities they will develop.

I believe as a coach in need to participate with the players and demonstrate to them how to play, how to use the skills, and communicate. It is not good enough to just tell them. Show them how to do it.

I believe the players can answer questions and be challenged. I will not tell them first, but ask them to self-discover the correction that might be necessary or how to recognize how their teammate are playing.

I believe that winning games will ultimately be a byproduct of my ability to develop well-rounded soccer players over time. Therefore, winning every game will not be our primary objective and will not be how we measure our success as a team.