David Salter

Coaching Years of Experience:

Coached at Hiawatha rec center in west Seattle 1992.

Coached at ymca in west Seattle 2003.

Coached soccer in Kent parks from 2006-2014. both of my sons teams. and a few baseball seasons.

Coached kysa 2014-2015.

Coached Kent united from 2016-2018


Playing Experience:

I started playing when I was 11 years old all the way through high school and had a 2 year scholarship to the University of Pacific. I played as an adult in division 1 and 2 in co rec soccer for 10 years. My position was keeper.

Team Successes:

In the last 2 years of coaching Kent united, we have won tournament each summer. I am very big on conditioning and i have seen us repeatedly out last better teams.