Fee Waiver Program Overview

KCYS is dedicated to providing an excellent soccer experience to all eligible players. It is our hope that no players opt out of soccer for financial reasons. Fee waivers (financial assistance in the form of full or partial payment of registration fees) will be available to needy players in accordance with the following guidelines and subject to the KCYS fee waiver budget.

Below are some important details around the application process and eligibility. Please also review the specific details for each program.

KCYS provides two types of waivers across our programs.

Full fee waiver
100% of a player's fees due to KCYS may be waived if the applicant submits a completed Registration Fee Waiver Application and required information by the due date, and if funds are available for the fee waiver.

Partial fee waiver
If an applicant does not qualify for a full fee waiver, but has a substantial financial need, KCYS may waive up to 75% of a player's registration fees. Fee waivers will be awarded to eligible applicants only if funds are available.

Fee Waiver Application, Approval, Notification and Review Process

Here are the general steps to follow to apply for a fee waiver.

1. Fill out the Fee Waiver Application

2. To apply for a full or partial fee waiver, an applicant must submit:

  • All KCYS registration materials signed by player and parent.
  • The KCYS Fee Waiver Application Form with all required documentation.
  • A written explanation of your circumstances and need for a fee waiver.
  • Low-income documentation is REQUIRED. One or more of the following documents verifying current income levels must be submitted WITH this application:
    • Free/Reduced School Lunch Program, Aid for Dependent Children, Food Stamp Program, Welfare Coupons, Childcare Assistance Medicaid.

3. Return the completed materials to: KCYS, PO Box 6293, Kent, WA 98064
Or E-Mail them to registrar@kentsoccer.org or treasurer@kentsoccer.org.

4. All complete applications received by July 1st for the fall season or by February 15th for the spring season, will be considered for fee waiver award by the KCYS Board and will be awarded at the discretion of the board. All awards are subject to the availability of registration fee waiver funds.

5. Applicants will be notified of their fee waiver award or denial by e-mail. Approved fee waivers may be scheduled for periodic review and action throughout the course of the seasonal year.

6. As a condition of fee waiver award, KCYS requires each recipient, parent and player, to provide KCYS with a pre-determined number of volunteer hours working within events. The pre-determined number of hours will be based on amount awarded and will be noted in the award email. The hours required will not exceed a total of 5 hours for the parent and 5 hours for the player. Acceptance of a fee waiver award indicates parent and player agreement to provide the pre-determined number of volunteer hours. If hours are not worked, the family agrees to reimburse KCYS at the rate of $10 per hour not worked. If KCYS fails to provide sufficient volunteer opportunities, hours will be waived.

Available Funding

Provided funding is available, it is the KCYS Board that provides fee waivers for its members who qualify for financial assistance. Fee waivers may be approved to cover all or part of a player's registration.

Fee Waiver payouts for each fiscal year shall not exceed the following percentages of each programs prior yearly income:

  • Board/Appointed/Program assistance- 2%
  • Mod Program- 3%
  • Rec Program- 3%
  • Select Program- 4%

ALL KCYS fees waived within one fiscal year shall not exceed 4 percent of the association's prior year's registration income. KCYS Board's decision to grant fee waivers is dependent upon the completeness and accuracy of the application and supporting documentation along with the availability of KCYS financial resources to fund the fee waiver.

Fee Waiver Application

Click on the icon to download the fee waiver application.