How do I know which level or age group my son or daughter should plan in?
Please review the Age Chart to determine what level your son or daughter should play at.

Are all teams guaranteed to have a coach?
No. We are dependent on parents or other volunteers to step forward to be coach. If a coach is not identified when the teams are formed we would refund the registration fee.

I want to coach. Who should I contact?
Contact the Mod Director by e-mail at

Can my son or daughter play up an age bracket?
Yes, with the right experience and permission from the Mod Director you son or daughter can plan up one age group.

Can my son or daughter play down an age bracket?
No. Washington Youth Soccer rules do not allow for players to play down a lower age group.

Does my son or daughter's team need to practice?
Most teams practice 1-2 times per week from 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on your age group and the experience of the players. Some lower age groups may not practice, but still participate in Adventure Soccer.

When do practices usually start?
Most teams will start practicing as soon as fields are available, usually 2-3 week prior to the start of the season. Many teams don't necessarily need to practice on a soccer field, just an area that is flat and preferably with grass or some other "forgiving" surface.

When does the season begin?
The Fall league season (Modified and Recreational) starts around the first weekend in September (typically the weekend after the Labor Day weekend) and runs 8-10 weeks.

Where do we play games?
Most teams will play their games at the following fields:
- U5-U7 - Petrovitsky Park turf soccer fields
- U8 - Petrovitsky Park turf soccer fields
- U9 - U10 - Home games are at Pea Patch fields and other locations for away games

Where do we practice?
This is generally determined by the coach. He or she will decide where and when, typically after consultation with the team members and their families. Most teams will practice at the following fields: Petrovitsky Park, Meridian Middle School, other local Kent School District school field.

Who will my child's coach?
Coaches are usually volunteer parents who have a child on the team.

What credentials do the coaches have and are their backgrounds investigated?
Every KCYS coach is required to complete a background clearance. The clearances are done every season. KCYS and the Washington State Youth Soccer Association (WSYSA) have the option at any time to review any coach. There are many license levels from Modified Soccer all the way up to an "A" license (the highest level and usually not required of any coach unless they are coaching college or national teams). These courses are always sanctioned by the WSYSA and conducted by one of their staff coaches trained specifically for teaching coaches. Ask your coach what level of license they hold.

When should I expect to hear from a coach about what team I am on?
For the Fall and Spring season you should hear from a coach 2-4 weeks before the season begins.

How many players, in each age group, play on the field at a time?
Washington State Soccer Association is requiring our association to follow new guidelines for the Modified, or Small-Sided, game of soccer; U-6 and U-7 age groups will play 3-a-side (with no goal keeper), U-8 will play 4-a-side, U-9 will play 7-a-side, U-10 will play 7-a-side.

Do boys and girls play together?
Only at the U5 age group do boys and girls play together. Once a player is on a U6 team they will play on gender specific teams.

Do we get trophies?
Teams typically get trophies or gifts for the kids at the end of the season. These are not supplied by KCYS and are the responsibility of each team.

What do we get for our registration fee?
KCYS supplies the game jersey and soccer ball for Modified players up to U10. We also pay the required state insurance fee for each player. All other registration money goes to maintaining fields, referees, Adventure/Junior Soccer program coaches, port-a-potties, and many other administration costs.

What does the registration money help fund?
Equipment maintenance, field maintenance, field rentals, balls, paint, etc. Insurance fees for both KCYS players, coaches and property, Future expansion projects, Administration costs such as newsletters, website, postage and registration printing, and much more.

What equipment or uniform will I need to supply?
Parents need to supply for their players: Soccer shoes, shin guards, soccer socks and shorts.

What do I do if the practice location or time doesn't work out for our family?
Contact your coach first to discuss the situation or Mod Director to see if something can be done. The next step would be to withdraw and request a refund from the Registrar (must be completed before the 1st game of the season).

Do we offer scholarships or fee waiver?
KCYS does offer fee waivers to players who qualify. We ask that you submit the application and required documentation. Please review the application and policy found on the website. Make sure to submit the fee waiver request before the "Early Registration" deadline. Board Members review the fee waiver requests and provide the waiver where appropriate.

Why do I need to supply a copy of my child's birth certificate?
Washington State Youth Soccer Association requires proof of a player's age. A player must provide proof of age upon initial registration with an affiliated organization under WSYSA. Proof of age shall consist of a birth certificate, passport, Uniformed Services Identification and Privilege Card, Government agency documentation, Board of Health Records, alien registration card issued by the United States Government, certificate issued by the Immigration and Naturalization Service. All documentation must be in ENGLISH, or translated to ENGLISH. HOSPITAL, BAPTISMAL OR RELIGIOUS CERTIFICATES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!

I need to withdraw from the program who do I contact?
First the coach, then the current KCYS Registrar via email at

What training does KCYS offer?
A variety of courses are given throughout the year. Coaching clinics, referee clinics and many meetings are held for coaches to learn about the game. KCYS will reimburse for U6 - U10 Washington Youth Soccer courses for coaches that are committed for at least the 1 year following the training. Check with the Mod Director for courses you may be interested in.

Can I switch teams? Little Johnny doesn't like playing with Ben
KCYS tries to discourage switching teams once team rosters are set. It is very difficult to switch players due to the restrictions put on roster sizes. The best way to ensure you're on the team you want is to request your coach or player on your registration form. We try to accommodate all requests, but sometimes due to the number of players, requests can't be met. Another way is to volunteer to coach, this way you get to choose

Can I call or meet the Mod Director or Registrar any time of day or night at their home?
Please use common sense when contacting ANY BOARD MEMBER! All the board positions are held by volunteers and aren't paid for their hard work and family sacrifice. They do their jobs because of the players and the love of the great sport of soccer. Be courteous and always look at the clock before contacting any board member.

How can I get involved or be placed on a committee?
Contact any Board Member for the possibilities or attend the monthly Board Meeting to volunteer.