Coach & Volunteer Steps

If you need to register as a coach, assistant coach, or teammanager for any of our programs, please follow the three steps below:

Log into your existing Stack Sports (formlerly Bonzi) Account or Create a new Member Account

You can click on the appropriate registration event button to the right or click on the following link.

After logging in, click on Register Now, then choose the appropriate program your are volunteering for (i.e. Fall Modified 2018 - Coaches, etc.).

Complete Adult Registration

Choose yourself to register and click next. If you are not listed, choose the option of "No, register as a new participant" and complete the information requested. After the waivers, click Finish to complete the adult registration.

Important note: Also, at this time pleae do not register with one of these email addresses.,, and addresses are having difficulty receiving emails from our email service. The security provider for Apple is having problems with Stack Sports mail services.

Complete WYS Background Check Registration

In addition to registering with the association, you also need to go to the link below and fill out the online application with Affinity. Below is the link. Make sure that you use your full legal name and that the information in Affinity matches your information you entered in Bonzi for the coach registration.

An updated background check is required of all volunteers every 12 months.

Coach Registration
    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.