Registration News

Current Status for Registration (Posted 1/1/19)

Mod (U5- U10)

  • Spring 2019 Modified registration is open
  • Spring 2019 United Academy registration is open

Recration (U11+)

  • Spring 2019 Recreation registration is open

Kent United Select (U11 - U18)

  • KU Select registration is open for players responding to team requests
  • Please reach out to the VP of Select or the Director of Coach prior to registering

Registering your child for soccer is easy and quick!
Review the information below and follow these simple steps:

Create Your New Member Account
You'll be asked to create a member account if you don't already have one. Simply click the "Create a new Blue Star Sports Account" option when asked to log in to the registration system. If you child is a returning player then login to your Member Account or click on one of the options to the right of this page and complete the player registration.

Important note: Also, at this time pleae do not register with one of these email addresses.,, and addresses are having difficulty receiving emails from our email service. The security provider for Apple is having problems with Blue Star Sports mail services.

Complete Parent Information
After you create your new member account, you'll need to choose "Register Now" you will be asked to fill in parent information

Complete Player Information
Choose the age group for your player and then fill out the player information. You'll be asked if you want to add more players or to finish registration and pay.
Choose your Payment
After you've filled in your parent and player(s) information, you'll see your total fees and can choose to pay by check or credit card online.
AND DONE! Age Verification and You're Done!
If this is the first season with KCYS for the player we need a copy of their birth certificant (or other options listed below) sent to us. This is required for age verification. Please mail the copy to our PO Box (KCYS, P.O. Box 6293 Kent, WA 98064) or email a picture or scanned image of the document to
Click on the appropriate link to the right and get started >>>>>>>
Team Formation

Children are placed on teams according to their birth dates (see Age Chart), then special requests, the location if possible. We offer the Modified (MOD) program for children ages 4 to 9, Recreation program for children 10 years old and older and a Select program for children 10 years or older. Late registrations received after the last open registration date will be put on a waiting list and maintained by the KCYS Registrar. Children will not be placed with a team until all the necessary documents and payment has been received.

If you have soccer or coaching experience please consider volunteering to be the coach of your child's team.

Placement with a team is not guaranteed. If a volunteer coach is not found for your child?s team the team may have to be disbanded prior to the season's start. If a team is disbanded all registration fees are refunded.

Registration Open / Close

Registration for the Modified and Recreational programs is open during the following dates:

Season Early Registration Period Late Registration Period
Spring January 1 - February 15 February 16 - March 1
Fall May 1 - June 30 July 15 July 1 - July 15 July 30

For details regarding start and end of the season please refer to the specific program pages.

Age Verification

All new players (did not play in KCYS previous year) need to submit a copy of verification of age at the time of registration. This copy will be stored for KCYS records.

Proof of age shall consist of a birth certificate, passport, alien registration card issued by the United States government, a certificate issued by the Immigration and Naturalization Service attesting to age, or a certification of an American citizen born abroad issued by the appropriate government agency. Hospital, baptismal, or religious certificates will not be accepted!

All documents must be in English and only translated foreign documents will be permitted.

Please mail a copy of the proof of age documents to KCYS, PO Box 6293, Kent, WA 98064

Registration Fees

Below are the 2016-2017 fees by program, season, and age group. Please refer to the Age Chart to determine which program and fee is applicable to you.

Season/Age Group Early Registration Fees Late Registration Fees
Fall 2016 Mod U5-U7 $80 $90
Fall 2016 Mod U8-U10 $95 $105
Fall 2016 Rec U11-U19 $130 $140
Spring 2017 Mod U5-U7 $75 $85
Spring 2017 Mod U8-U10 $95 $105
Spring 2017 Rec U11-U15 $130 $140
Select (Kent United) U11-U19 Fees vary with each team.
Payment Method

Once you have completed the registration form you will be asked for a payment method. If you are applying for a Fee Waiver for your registration payment, please select "Pay by Check". The Fee Waiver application is available on the KCYS website to be printed, completed, and submitted to the KCYS Board for approval. You may mail or hand-deliver the Fee Waiver application. Families with players in more than one team must return to home page for each club.

If you choose the "Pay by Check" method, it is strongly suggested that you send a money order rather than a personal check. This will greatly speed up the process as all personal checks will take 10 business days from point of deposit before we know that they have cleared. Until the personal checks have been cleared the child being registered cannot be confirmed or placed with a team. If you have any questions, please contact

KCYS Refund Policy

You will be entitled to a refund with a written request if it is submitted before the first game. All refunds are subject to a $15.00 filling fee. NO REFUNDS after the first game. All returned checks are subject to a $25.00 surcharge.

Player Registration
    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.