Frequently Asked Questions

What is the calendar for this program going to look like?
The programming is broken into 3 sessions, summer, fall, and spring. Registration goes on during late spring and summer sessions starts in July. The fall and spring sessions are a few weeks longer than the current Mod programming. Here is what the high-level calendar with the 3 sessions will look like.

May to June
  • Registration and team formation
  • No Training, games, or tournaments
July to Mid August
  • Tournaments - U9: 1 jamboree U10: 2 tournaments
  • 2 academy style development sessions per week
Mid August - November
  • 2 practices each week with volunteer coach and UK Intl coach
  • Fall Season starts the first weekend after Labor Day - 10 game season
December to January
  • No training, games, and tournaments
February through April
  • Spring season
  • 2 practices each week with volunteer coach and UK Intl coach
  • No tournaments
Can my child play up to U9 or U10 United Academy?
U8 play-ups to U9 will be consider on a case-by-case basis. Sorry we will not allow players younger than U8. Our goal is for the players to have a good experience and offer age appropriate training. See the player age chart for more information.

How many teams do you expect to form?
KCYS is expecting to form 1-2 teams per gender for each age group but this will depend on the number of players.

Why is the United Academy so much more than the standard Modified program?
The biggest reason for the cost difference with United Academy's is the cost of the professional coaching. And when you add in that we are using that paid coaching resourse over the summer, during the normal practices, and early spring it really adds up. We are also using more field time and including the cost of tournaments.

Can I register my child after the July deadline for United Academy?
Sorry, with the summer programming this program has an earlier deadline that requires teams be formed by July 1st.

Can I register my child just for the Fall season and not the Summer session?
No. The Summer and Fall programming are combined.

Can I register my child just for the Summer Academy sessions?
No. The Summer and Fall programming are combined. If you are looking for the addition development we recomend our Summer Camps occuring in June and August.

What is including in the registration fee?
The following items are included in the registration fee.

  • KCYS Base Registration Fee
  • Professional coaching/training
  • KCYS soccer ball
  • Uniforms - home/away jersey, short, socks, performance tee
  • All league fees
  • Tournament fees

Are fee waivers available for United Academy?
Yes, $95 of the total Summer/Fall and $95 of the Spring registration fee is eligible for fee waivers. Please review the KCYS Fee Waiver policy for key deadlines. Any waiver for the Summer/Fall programming would be applied to the second of the two payments.

If I have questions about the new program who should I direct them to?
Please direct any questions to the Mod Director.

Program Contacts

Program Director
Art King