Volunteer Oportunities
This page is intended for KCYS teams wishing to participate in the Kent Cornucopia Cup Soccer Tournament by volunteering their time to ensure another successful tournament again this year.

Volunteers are essential to making this event a success. Fundraising for your son/daughter's team by volunteering is an opportunity you don't want to miss during this year's Kent Cornucopia Cup. Your efforts will be greatly appreciated and, in turn, your team will receive a monetary benefit, based on the proceeds generated from the tournament, for each hour worked.
Volunteer spots will fill on a first come first served basis and you can start signing up now. Please pay special attention to Sunday. You won't know when your child will play, but you will likely know which field their age will be at and can sign up accordingly. For example if your player is U10-U12, you can sign up to work on Sunday at Wilson because you know that is where your child will play.

Assignments include field marshal and parking attendant.

To Volunteer please sign-up at Sign Up Genius. Here's how it works in 3 easy steps:
1) Determine the location you want to volunteer at.
2) Click on the appropriate link below and sign up for the shifts.
3) Mark your calendar and do the work!!
How You Get Paid
After all tournament fees are collected and expenses are paid, the tournament organizing committee will calculate a per hour rate based on the net proceeds. A check will be sent to your team with an account of your hours worked. The team treasurer can use those funds to off-set team expenses. Funds cannot be allocated to specific players. The money must go to expenses and can not be given as a cash payment.
Sign-Up to Volunteer
To volunteer for Kent Cornucopia Cup please follow the three steps below:
Sign-Up Online

Pick the location and shift you want to work. Note that the level of play is listed with their respective location.

Petrovitsky Park (U13 - U19): Sign Up

Kentridge High School (U13 - U19): Sign Up

Wilson Play Fields (U10 - U12): Sign Up

Tahoma High School (U13 - U19): Sign Up

Kentwood High School (U13 - U19): Sign Up

Note the time you sign up for. You will have the option to add the time you setup to your calendar.
Do the Work

Arrive at least 15-30 minutes before your shift. There will be a notebook at the headquarters table where you will sign in and also find all the information you need to be successful.

Funds to Team

Kent Cornucopia Cup Weekend Enjoy the tournament AND earn money to help with the team expenses!
Volunteer Job Descriptions

Kent Cornucopia Cup is run entirely by volunteers. We need field marshals and Prep/Clean Up. Must be 18 or older. No experience necessary!

FIELD MARSHALL - The Field Marshal is the most visible Tournament representative
Field Marshals are responsible for setting the tone for the field. For example, we want it to be a fun experience for the players so you will want to be friendly and help any nervous parents remember what the weekend is all about - kids playing soccer. You are also responsible for collecting game cards and turning them in to the tournament table. Field marshals also monitor garbage...if it is getting full, pull out the bag and reline it. There will be dumpsters available at both Petrovitsky and Petro where the last field marshals of the day will drop off any full bags. There will be a notebook at the headquarters table where you will sign in and also find all the information you need to be successful.

Volunteer Coordinator
Tracie Leistiko