A new soccer season is upon us! So that the Registrar can create your team in Stack Sports, you MUST complete the following:

Send the Kent United Registrar and the Kent United Field Scheduler

Team application form

Coaches and Volunteers (Assistant Coaches, Manager and Treasurer) MUST register as a coach on Kent United Website and MUST be RMAs cleared. Complete the following:

Registration for Kent United:

Coaches and Volunteer Registration

RMA on Washington Youth Soccer Association website:

RMA Instructions

RMA Registration

Once the above items are complete

Send the Registrar

Your player roster with jersey numbers with the last name first. It is your responsibility to make sure you know how the players' names are spelled on their registration. Insure you have correct spelling/registered names for your player names before sending me your player roster.

Dana Parrish

Kent United Registrar

Dana Parrish

Field Scheduler
Lisa Kimmet