Announcing The 2017 Norway Exchange

When: Late July of 2017
Where: Sunnfjord Region of Norway: Gaular and Naustdal
Who: Girls Birth Year 01/02 (GU16)
What: Two-week cultural exchange
Cost: $2,500.00

In the summer of 2012 Kent Sister Cities and KCYS worked together to send a U14 team of boys to Norway for a soccer/ cultural exchange. While there the boys where housed with host families and joined Norwegian life. The boys played 4 games of soccer against four different Kommunes in the Sunnfjord area; Gaular, Naustdal, Jolster, and Forde. In the summer of 2014 the exchange was completed when a team came to the US from Norway. The exchange was a huge success, the boys had a life changing experience, and many still communicate with their Norwegian families to this day.

The Norwegian committee has reached out to us with interest for another exchange. We are currently planning to roster a team of girls to travel to Norway in July of 2017, and then host a visit from a Norwegian team in 2018. Families would be committing to both parts of the exchange. The ambassadors selected to travel to Norway will live with local families and have an opportunity to learn about the local culture through participating in local activities, learning about the local regions commerce and playing soccer. Ambassadors are expected to demonstrate civic responsibility and good sportsmanship as they are representing the City of Kent and KCYS / Kent United. We are asking all players who are interested in this experience to fill out a short application.

An informational meeting will be held in on May 25th at the Kent Senior Center for all interested players.

For more on the area visit:

Kent Sister City Association Youth Sports Exchange

In 1996, the city of Kent and the Sunnfjord area (Kommues of Forde, Jolster, Naustdal, Gualar) formally recognized a relationship that had begun just three years earlier. Its main intent was to promote goodwill and understanding through cultural, educational, and heritage exchanges. Currently there is a volleyball exchange and a Youth Ambassador exchange. For more on the area visit:

In 2010 the city of Kent and its Kent Sister City Association (Norway Committee) partner, selected soccer as the next vehicle for this program. The city and the Norway representatives selected Kent Youth Soccer Association as the official youth soccer representatives for this cultural exchange. The hope is that this type of cultural exchange shortens the distance between our two cities and countries and that as we continue to grow this exchange with players from Norway returning the visit, each exchange will provide a future opportunity that is yet unknown but has great potential.

Each time we do this trip players from our area are selected to travel to Norway this summer as ambassadors to the Sunnfjord region. While there, they will live with local families and have an opportunity to learn about the local culture through participating in local activities, learning about the local regions commerce, visiting local schools and playing soccer matches with other players from the four communities that make up this area. They are expected to demonstrate civic responsibility and good sportsmanship as ambassadors representing the City of Kent.

City of Kent Proclamation

Each player is tasked with raising approximately $2,500. KCYS along with players' families and community members are committed to help.

They are now looking for other ways to raise the additional funds to not only cover the costs of this trip, but also begin funding for future exchanges. They are asking community support for:

  • Sponsorship of the trip through advertising 
  • Outright financial support 
  • Donating In-kind support of plane tickets, equipment, uniforms, promotional materials 
  • Support of the team fundraising activities 
  • Matching support through corporate donations 
  • Making a tax deductible contribution to KCYS as part of the programs support

Sponsorship can include business names or logos on team uniforms, equipment, or banners that will accompany the players and be a part of all photography sessions. Sponsors would also receive visibility on the KCYS website and its direct mailer to over 1,800 families twice a year. For a banner program sponsor, KCYS will also ensure the banner is displayed at one or both of our soccer game sites at Petrovitsky Park and the Pea Patch fields, along with front page visibility on the website. Recognition of support will also be taken out in print and electronic ads in local media.

KCYS understands this long term commitment from the community and KCYS. The support of a program like this falls in line with KCYS's civic responsibility to the community and using soccer as a way to serve our youth and neighborhoods.


Norway Coordinator
Michelle Kam

Kent Sister Cities Representative
Tracie Leistiko

Informational Meeting

We are hosting a meeting at the end of this month to discuss and answer any questions parents and players have.

May 25th, 7:00-8:00 PM

Kent Senior Center

2017 Exchange Application

Click on the icon to download the 2017 exchange application.