Registration for the Spring 2019 United Academy is Closed (2/10/2019)

  • Registration is Closed
  • Returning players are guranteed a spot, any open spots will be open to new players based on registration date

Special U10 Notes About Schedule (1/14/2019)

  • Spring practice and league play will start earlier than planned before Fall 2019
  • Practices will start on February 11
  • League will start on February 23 with a 6 game season and end on March 30
  • Days and times of the practices are not changing

There is a lot of information to review on this page. Take your time. Don't hessitate to call or email the program director with any questions. Thank for considering the program.

Player and Coach Development Strategy
Our primary objective with introducing this new program level was to provide more in-depth and advanced training for both the player and coach.
  • Train players to master ball control, passing fundamentals, and defense
  • Players learn how to function as a team and solve problems
  • Professional coaches train players along side the coaches so everyone learns
  • With the additonal professional coach in each practice the volunteer coaches learn the professional techniques

Program Overview

United Academy was created to fill a need for an advanced deveopment option in advanced of U11. A local advanced development program that ties in well with the KCYS programming has been a top ask of our Mod parents. And there was no local option available to meet this need. With feedback from parent, coaches, and partners we created United Academy. United Academy has several goals that are the foundation for why we created the development program.

  • Provide a local development level program with greater competition and advanced training at U9 and U10
  • Provide advanced training and playing experience for young players ahead of U11
  • Provided advanced development of Mod coaches ahead of U11
  • Provide an affordable programming in the Kent area
  • Increase the number of developed players on a path to try out for Kent United at U11

Additional Guiding Principles
In addition to the program goals we have several principles that keep us grounded and focussed on player and coach development.

  • We DO NOT care about wins or loses
  • We DO NOT care about the score
  • We want our players use what they have learned in training in their games
  • We want our kids to learn how to compete

Teams will have volunteer head coaches. Coaches will have to apply to the head coaching roles in this program and be approved by the Mod Director. Each team has the same coach for the Summer, Fall, and Spring. The goal is to have each United Academy coach continue coaching through both the U9 and U10 levels and then continue their coaching career with Kent United.

We are partnering with UK International to provide professional coaching support for these teams. These coaches will be responsible for providing academy training durng the summer, support training development during the fall and spring season, and provide vounteer coaches with training on advanced team development technique.

Summer Academy, Practices, and League Play

The United Academy will have several phases to our practice and academy sessions throughout the year. Below is an overview of each phase and a decription of how each will be managed.

Set Practice Times & Location
This program includes professional coaching with each academy session or team practice. This requires us to manage the time and location of all United Academy sessions of the practies to central locations and set times.

Session Session
Location Days of the Week U9
Summer 2018 Academy 7/16/18 - 8/8/18 Meridian Middle School Monday & Wednesday 5:30 - 7:00PM 7:00 - 8:30PM
Fall 2018 Practices 8/13/18 - 11/14/18* Petrovitsky Park Monday & Wednesday 5:00 - 6:30PM 6:30 - 8:00PM**
Spring 2019 Academy 3/4/19 - 3/27/19 Petrovitsky Park Monday & Wednesday 5:00 - 6:30PM 6:30 - 8:00PM
Spring 2019 Practices 4/1/19 - 6/5/19 Petrovitsky Park Monday & Wednesday 5:00 - 6:30PM 6:30 - 8:00PM

*As we get into mid October session times will adjust to 5:00-6:00PM and 6:00-7PM due to daylight availability.
**U10 teams will have practices on the above dates through mid November

Summer Academy

The Summer Academy will start on the week of July 15th. Teams will will have academy style sessions on Monday and Thursday evenings. These sessions will be led by professional and volunteer coaches. The professions coaches will be on point developing the content for these sessions.

We realize that families commonly have summer vacation plans so we have built a format that is flexible. If a player or volunteer coach misses a few of the summer academy sessions due to other commitments that's OK. But the expecations should also be clear that they will have some catching up to do when they come back.

Summer Jamboree and Tournaments
All United Academy teams will partispate in Jamborees or tounament during the summer session. U9 teams will partispate in Jamborees and U10 teams will attend tournaments. Partisipating in these tournaments is great experience for the teams. These registration cost of these tournments is included in the registration. The costs associated with travel, food, and other expense are the resposibility of the indivual players. We have planned for local tournments to keep the expenses to a minamum.

2017 United Academy Jamboree and Tournament Schedule

Level Dates Tournament Details Location
GU9 August 3-5 Federal Way FC Blast Off Federal Way, WA
BU9 August 10-12 Federal Way FC Blast Off Federal Way, WA
GU10 August 3-5 Federal Way FC Blast Off Federal Way, WA
GU10 TBD TBD - Choice of team TBD
BU10 August 10-12 Federal Way FC Blast Off Federal Way, WA
BU10 TBD TBD - Choice of team TBD

Fall Practices
Starting the second week of August the management of the practices with transutuin to the volunteer coaches. The professions coaches will also be on site for all these practices to support the coaches with their practices.

Spring Academy
Starting about the third week of February we start a short academy session ahead of the spring season. These academy sessions will follow the same academy format as in the summer.

League Play and Home Field
Here are a few other details about league play and home fields:

  • U9 teams will play in competitive level of SSUL Jr (aka. U9 Inter-Association League)
  • U10 teams will play in the lower divisions of the NPSL league made up of competitive non-select and select teams
  • All home games will occur on the U9 and U10 fields at Pea Patch
  • Teams will be included in the schedule for field lining
  • Teams will be responsible for participating in initial field setup before season
  • U9 will not be playing agaist team that were put together with tryouts or a selection process during their league games

Registration for United Academy is done using the same system as all other KCYS programs. A couple of things to note with this program that differ from our standard Mod program:

  • Registration period ends earlier with United Academy to accomodate the summer and early spring programming
  • There is no late period for registration
  • Summer/Fall program is broken into 2 payments, initial payment due upon registration and second payment on August 15
  • Spring season registration for United Academy will only be open if there are openings on one of the teams
  • Any player who first plays in the Spring will player a higher fee to cover share team costs and their uniform

Registration for the United Academy program is open during the following dates:

Season Registration Period
Summer/Fall May 1 - July 1
Spring January 1 - February 1

Below are the 2018 - 2019 United Academy fees by season and age group. Please refer to the Age Chart to determine which program and fee is applicable to you.

Season / Age Group U9 U10

Summer/Fall 2018
Split into 2 payments

See details below

See details below
Spring 2019
- Returning Player
$190 $200
Spring 2019 Mod
- New Player
$250 $260

Summer/Fall Payment Plan
The Summer/Fall registration fee is split up into two payments. An initial payment is required at the time of registration and the second payment is required by August 15th. There is no additonal fee for paying in two payment. Registrants can certainly pay for the full Summer/Fall fee in one payment.

Payment U9 U10 Due Date
Summer/Fall 2018 - Payment #1 $200 $225 At registration
Summer/Fall 2018 - Payment #2 $175 $200 August 15

New Player Fee - Spring Only

If a player is registered in the Spring season that did not play in the Summer/Fall season they will be required to pay a $60 new player fee to offset for uniform and general program costs normally paid in the Summer/Fall registration fee.

Program Contacts

Program Director
Art King



UA Registration
    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.