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Current Status for Spring 2017 Registration (Posted 1/1/17)

Mod (U5- U10)

  • Registration for Spring 2017 is open
  • Note that age groups are oganized with the new age format

Spring 2017 Schedule (Posted 12/22/16)

March 9 Coach Meeting (coach's only)
March 18 Field Setup (U9/U10)
March 25 Game
April 1 Game
April 8 Bye
April 15 Bye
April 22 Game
April 29 Game
May 6 Game
May 13 Game
May 20 Game
May 27 Bye
June 3 Game
Modified or Small-Sided Soccer

Modified or Mod soccer is a small sided program implemented by the Washington State Youth Soccer Association in affiliation with US Youth Soccer to adjust the adult game for age appropriate play.

What does "Small-Sided Games" mean?
These are soccer games with fewer players competing on a smaller sized field and fewer players on a team. These are fun games that involve the players more because fewer players are sharing one ball. This format starts at U-5 with games of 3 vs. 3 and increases the number of players on the field each year from U-7 to U-10.

Players per team:
U5 - 6 players play is 3v3, no goalie
U6 - 6 players play is 3v3, no goalie
U7 - 6 players play is 3v3, no goalie
U8 - 8 players play is 4v4, (3 field players and a goalie)
U9 - 9 players play is 7v7, (6 field players and a goalie)
U10 - 10 players play is 7v7, (6 field players and a goalie)

Why Play Small-Sided Soccer?
The number of players on the field is developmentally appropriate for children to experience and develop the motor skills necessary in soccer. It exposes the player to appropriate tactical decisions for their age. It also meets the needs of the players? social development. It helps young soccer players to make more, less-complicated decisions during the game, be more physically efficient in the field space they are playing in! (Reduced field size)

The system creates a comfortable environment for the new youth coach by increasing the number of players incrementally each year. The new coach is able to focus on creating developmentally appropriate practice sessions without the fear and need to focus on teaching specific field positions. With the emphasis on teaching the individual player, the concern for team results is minimized.

Our Modified Program will consist of once a week academy style training with your team and regular season games on Saturdays.

Additional Player and Coach Training

Formally known as Adventure Soccer and Adventure Juniors, this professionally led soccer training has been a part of our Mod program since 2011. Based upon the latest United State Soccer Federation (USSF) curriculum, players andcoaches are guided through an age and competence appropriate program that enables us to coach the players and teach the coaches. This side-by-side student-teacher methodology will enable volunteer coaches to learn the age appropriate technical, tactical, physical, mental and emotional requirements for teaching soccer to players U5-U10. This beneficial partnership between professional staff coaches and volunteers will enhance the performance of the coach on the player's and in return, impacts the player?s performance in the game.

Group Day Time Location
U5 - U7 Saturday See Mod game schedule for start times Petrovitsky Park
U8 Monday 6:00pm - 6:45pm Petrovitsky Park
U9 Monday 7:00pm - 7:45pm Petrovitsky Park
U10 Monday 7:00pm - 7:45pm Petrovitsky Park

Read the following for more information on these programs:
U5-U7 Adventure Soccer
U8-U10 Adventure Juniors

Dates of Seasons and Registration

Fall Season runs (approximately) the first Saturday after Labor Day through last weekend in October (8 Week Season). Registration for the Fall season runs May 1 through June 30th

Spring Season runs (approximately) the last Saturday in March through end of May (8 Week season). Registration for Spring runs January 1 through February 15th.

Registration for the Modified program is open during the following dates:

Season Early Registration Period Late Registration Period
Spring Mod January 1 - February 15 February 16 - March 1
Fall Mod May 1 - June 30 July 15 July 1 - July 15 August 1
Fall & Spring United Academy See UA page See UA page

Below are the 2015 - 2016 fees by program, season, and age group. Please refer to the Age Chart to determine which program and fee is applicable to you.

Season / Age Group Early Registration Fees Late Registration Fees
Fall 2016 Mod U5 - U7 $80 $90
Fall 2016 Mod U8 - U10 $95 $105

Mod U9/U10
United Academy

See United Academy page See United Academy page
Spring 2017 Mod U5 - U7 $80 $90
Spring 2017 Mod U8 - U10 $95 $105
WYS Small Sided Soccer Rules

Read about Kent Covington Youth Soccer's Small Sided soccer rules: KCYS Small Sided Rules (Fall 2016)

Program Contacts

Program Director
James Griffin

[email protected]


Spring 2017 Registration
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